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Welcome to our 4LIfe TRANSFER FACTOR®
educational website. Transfer factor ("TF") is a
powerful and remarkable immune support
product that we believe can make a difference
for you and your loved ones. It is all natural,
science-based, safe and effective for all ages.
Whether at home or abroad ...
A strong, balanced and fine-tuned immune system is the best possible health insurance.
Every effort has been made to stay within the guidelines of the DSHEA Act of 1999 which allows us to speak of a natural product in terms of Structure/Function (what it is and what it does in the body). We make no claims that this product - in and of itself - will prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The value of transfer factor lies in its unique ability to boost and/or balance the immune system as needed.  We encourage you to consult your healthcare practitioner on all matters of personal health.

"I have been studying transfer factors and the immune system for many years, and I have never seen anything like the support that TriFactor Formula provides. Combining Transfer Factor E-XF ™ and NanoFactor™ creates a dynamic formula that provides your immune system with exactly the kind of support that nature intends. This natural immune wisdom is truly remarkable." See "Breakthrough" Article

Richard Bennett, Ph.D. - Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Richard Bennett

Transfer factors represent the single most important innovation to support the immune system for a healthy life. And 4Life Transfer Factor® is simply the best scientifically developed immune system support product in this day and age."

Vijendra K. Singh, Ph.D. - Neuroimmunology

Dr. Vijendra K. Singh

Every child and adult needs the immune system support and wisdom that 4Life Transfer Factor® formulas provide. Hundreds of our 'little TF users' have received phenomenal immune system support for a fantastic quality of life."

David M. Markowitz, MD - Pediatrics

Dr. David M. Markowitz

Dr. Teresa Tomalska

"4Life Transfer Factor® is a powerful and intelligent product that responds to the needs of the immune system and produces simply astonishing results."

Teresa Tomalska, MD - Family Medicine

Dr. Rob Robertson, Jr.

"The future of medicine will necessarily concentrate on our natural defenses - our immune system. And 4Life Transfer Factor® is the ultimate immune system product."

Rob Robertson, Jr., MD - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson

"Transfer factors are paramount in helping our immune systems function optimally. They are well-tolerated, safe, and effective for all ages."

Cynthia Champion-Olson, ND, CCN - Naturopath and Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Edgar A. Guess, Jr.

"These are serious supplements from a board-certified MD.
All-natural 4Life Transfer Factor® is: not a vitamin, not a mineral, and not an herb. Transfer factor is a vital immune booster brought to us directly from Mother Nature... ...The proprietary 4Life Transfer Factor® product helps our bodies build up immunity to outside threats. At Beverly Hills Wellness Center, we are longtime believers in the power of 4Life Transfer Factor®. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a strong, vibrant immune system, particularly in the fight against cancer."

From the web site of www.BeverlyHillsWellnessCenter.com Owner & Medical Director: Edgar A. Guess Jr., MD., FACOG - Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Duane Townsend

"Transfer factor is nothing less than an amazing natural compound that should be used by physicians everywhere. Last year alone, I flew over 200,000 miles in teaching capacities throughout the United States and Europe, and I NEVER BECAME ILL. We all know about the microbial hazards of re-circulated plane cabin air and yet here I sit, infection free. At the risk of going overboard, let me just say that I love what transfer factor has done for me, for my family, and for my patients. In a time when bacteria and viruses are mutating, causing new and potentially fatal diseases resistant to anything currently available in our arsenal of medicines, superior immune competency is crucial."
Go to: ask Doctor Townsend

( From page 312 of "A MAVERICK OF MEDICINE SPEAKS TO WOMEN." by Dr. Duane Townsend,GYN Oncology - available on Amazon.com)

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