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Welcome to our 4LIfe TRANSFER FACTOR®
educational website. Transfer factor ("TF") is a
powerful and remarkable immune support
product that we believe can make a difference
for you and your loved ones. It is all natural,
science-based, safe and effective for all ages.
Whether at home or abroad ...
A strong, balanced and fine-tuned immune system is the best possible health insurance.

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  Important Product Facts:    
  • There is a long documented history of safety for the use of transfer factors throughout the world.
  • There are no known drug interactions documented with transfer factors - and no negative side effects.
  • Those who have had an organ transplant should NOT take Transfer Factor®.
  • 4Life® product safety standards both meet and exceed industry regulations. Additionally, only the finest of ingredients are sought and chosen to go into these formulas.
The four most popular 4Life® products are the Tri-Factor Formulas, so-named because they each now contain:
  1.) TF filtered fom cow colostrum
2.) TF filtered from chicken egg yolks
3.) Naturally occurring nanofractions filtered from cow colostrum - patented and named NanoFactors by 4Life®. These have been found to further enhance the formulas' abilities to calm and balance an over-reactive immune response.
  4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula    

The Ultimate in Immune Support — Increases Natural Killer Cell activity by 437% above normal immune response.

This product represents 4Life®'s highest level of immune system support. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula combines the intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XF™, the intuition of NanoFactor™ extract, and the added support of our Cordyvant™ blend to provide the ultimate in immune system support for your body. The proprietary Cordyvant blend features known immune-supporting ingredients such as maitake and shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps, inositol hexaphosphate, beta glucans, beta sitosterol, and olive leaf extract.

    Product Profile Sheet  
    Wholesale $55.95 — 60 capsules (595 mg blend)  
    ITEM # 24075  
  4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula    

Powerful Tri-Factor Combo Without Added Ingredients — Increases NK Cell activity by 283%

With Tri-Factor Formula, smart becomes wise. 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula brings together the intelligence of 4Life Transfer factor and the intuition of NanoFactor™ extract to regulate, boost, and balance the immune system, according to what your body needs. This gives you:

  • A more efficient and intelligent immune system to fight off invaders
  • Support that promotes the health of all your body's systems
  • Support for healthy energy levels
  • A proactive strategy for maintaining health
      Product Profile Sheet
    Wholesale $40.95 — 60 capsules (300 mg)  
    ITEM # 24070  
  4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor Formula    

A Liquid Powerhouse — Increases NK Cell activity by 283% above normal immune response.

4Life Transfer Factor RioVida is the one-and-only juice beverage in the world that provides the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula. RioVida is also infused with powerful antioxidant fruit juices, such as açai ( a Brazilian berry "superfood"), pomegranate, blueberry, elderberry, and purple grape. RioVida promotes healthy cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, and immune system functions. Get your daily rush of energy and vitality with RioVida!

    Product Profile Sheet  
    Wholesale $59.95 — twin pack ( 33.2 oz. total)  
    ITEM # 24105  
  These additional 4Life TF products (see below) also activate/balance/educate our immune systems.
  The TF Classic capsules can be opened and put into milk or cereal for infants. The Classic is also recommended for anyone with egg allergies or someone who has many sensitivities and may need to begin with a smaller amount (200 mg per capsule) and increase amount slowly.    
  All children over 3 years and some adults with swallowing problems, mouth sores or sore throats will
enjoy the Citrus Creme Chewables. All can easily use the orange-flavored TF Immune Spray with the added
germicidal benefits of high quality colloidal silver.
  TF Kids is a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement with a full daily amount of TF for children.
  TF Citrus Creme Chewables
Delicious, Convenient and Effective —
On the go? Just pick up a couple of 4Life Transfer Factor Chewables and you're on your way! 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable comes in a great-tasting citrus-cream flavored chewable tablet and lets you enjoy the health benefits of our patented immune-boosting Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula.
  Product Profile Sheet
  Wholesale $41.95 — 90 chewables ( 200 mg. )
  ITEM #24042
  4Life Transfer Factor Classic

Raise Your Immune I.Q.® and Increase NK Cell activity by 204%.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic has been recognized for years as the best colostrum-based Transfer Factor product for daily immune system support. It contains our original Transfer Factor XF® ingredient for safe and proven immune support. What does this mean to you? TF Classic
  • Supports your body's ability to remember past organism invasions
  • Educates naive immune cells about a present or potential danger in your body along with giving an efficient plan for action
  • Shortens the recognition phase of a health threat
  • Provides balance to the immune system
  Product Profile Sheet
  Wholesale $37.95 — 90 capsules (200 mg)
  ITEM # 24080
  4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray New formula, larger size!

For Your Purse or Pocket — Tri-Factor Formula

4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray is now available in either refreshing mint or a mild, orange flavored formula that combines the anti-bacterial properties of Colloidal Silver with the immune power of Transfer Factor Tri-Factor. Now also contains the immune benefits of Lactoferrin, Vit C, and Zinc, with Aloe Vera and Marshmallow to soothe throat tissues.


    Product Profile Sheet  
    Wholesale $24.95 — ( 1.7 oz.)  
    ITEM # 24046 (Fresh Mint)  
    ITEM # 24044 (Citrus Orange)  
  4Life Transfer Factor Kids    

Multivitamins With Immune Support —

4Life Transfer Factor Kids is formulated with your child in mind — great-tasting, all-natural, grape-flavored chewable tablet, fun animal shapes, and many of the vitamins and minerals they need for proper growth and good health. Plus, it is formulated with Transfer Factor E-XF™, 4Life's clinically proven proprietary blend to provide advanced immune system support.

    Product Profile Sheet  
    Wholesale $34.95 — 60 chewables (150 mg TF)  
    ITEM # 24050  
  TO ORDER PRODUCTS, for further information, or to inquire about quantity pricing, please contact the person who sent you to this website.
  All 4Life products are guaranteed money-back within 30 days if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Every effort has been made to stay within the guidelines of the DSHEA Act of 1999 which allows us to speak of a natural product in terms of Structure/Function (what it is and what it does in the body). We make no claims that this product - in and of itself - will prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The value of transfer factor lies in its unique ability to boost and/or balance the immune system as needed.  We encourage you to consult your healthcare practitioner on all matters of personal health.